Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Resources

1.Research Participants Needed for Studies on Glucose Metabolism and Diabetes

Male and Female individuals with Type 1 Diabetes

Ages 18-50 years, Participants will be compensated for their time.

Contact information:

Maia Mikeladze, MD, Vanessa Briscoe, PhD, NP,Sofio Dumbadze, MD, Maka Hedrington, MD

Email: or call 410-706-5643

2. Dexcom Study for people with Type 2 Diabetes Not on Insulin

The study is referred to as “Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Management in Type 2 Diabetes” also known as The COMMITED Study” and will assess if patients with Type 2 diabetes who have sub-optimal glycemic control using 2 or more multiple oral agents are able to make lifestyle changes resulting in improved glycemic control by use of real-time continuous glucose monitoring and targeted learning modules.


3. Local CGM study 

Welldoc is looking for individuals with diabetes, type 1 or type 2; injecting meal time insulin and using Dexcom or Libre CGM.  Participants get a $150 gift card. The study takes 90 minutes or less and is held close to our office in Columbia. Please see below.

To register for the study, call:
(888) 611 – 4794

4. Type 1 Diabetes study

An immunomodulation study geared towards individuals who have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus less than 150 days (at the time of randomization). See link below: