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COVID Related Practice Updates

We at Maryland Endocrine welcome the great progress being made in reducing illness and death from COVID-19 with COVID vaccination. The CDC has stated that masking is no longer necessary for fully vaccinated individuals in most instances but excluded public transportation, medical facilities, and physician offices.
We urge all eligible patients and staff who have not been vaccinated for COVID-19 to do so. Vaccination protects you, your family, and your entire community. The vaccines approved and in use in the US are extremely effective, extremely safe for nearly all patients, and are now readily available to all adults and children as young as 12 years old, at no charge. However, some in our community may be unable to respond effectively to vaccination, and thus if vaccinated might still be at risk for serious illness if they are infected with COVID-19. The more of us that are vaccinated, the lower the risk to those who remain vulnerable.
We will not be offering COVID-19 vaccination in our office. COVID-19 vaccines are now widely available in pharmacies and mass vaccination sites but have storage and administration requirements that make it difficult or impossible to administer in a physician’s office. We will continue to offer telemedicine visits,  though on a more limited basis, as long as insurance and regulatory authorities allow it. The Medical Board of Maryland has advised that telemedicine visits can only be offered if the patient is physically in Maryland or in a contiguous state (Delaware, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, or Pennsylvania) at the time of the visit.
As a medical facility, we will comply with the current CDC guidance and continue to require masking by patients and by our staff who have direct patient contact, regardless of vaccination status. We will continue to monitor the situation and announce any changes.
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telemedicine 6/7/21 issues//COVID Related Practice Updates

Our telemedicine service is experiencing issues, Please be patient, your doctor will contact you via a text via doximity, doxy or a  phone call. Contact the office 301 953 2080 if any issues.
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To sign up for a vaccine use the following link to get to your health department and other sites Maryland COVID link