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We now have a practice email for patients to send in blood sugar readings, forms, reports or other records.

This is STRICTLY an intake email. You will not get any response via this email.

If you need to communicate with the office for any concerns, such as prescriptions, health concerns or any emergencies you need to call the office. Non emergent health concerns can also be addressed by the patient portal. For all urgent or emergent needs YOU MUST CALL.

Once we receive your intake email, it will be directed to the your provider who will address it.  If emails are sent over the weekend, do not expect a response until the office is open on Monday or the next business day.  There will be a lag time between you sending in your documents and the provider addressing the email.

Practice intake email:

Alert Notice

telemedicine 6/7/21 issues//COVID Related Practice Updates

Our telemedicine service is experiencing issues, Please be patient, your doctor will contact you via a text via doximity, doxy or a  phone call. Contact the office 301 953 2080 if any issues.
Please see the Practice News Tab on this site for COVID related practice updates.

To sign up for a vaccine use the following link to get to your health department and other sites Maryland COVID link