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There are many people that have few to no symptoms while they are infectious with the virus. It is therefore advised that we all wear a mask or other similar nose and mouth covering in public. If we all cover up to prevent infecting others, we can reduce the viral spread. see link to make your own facial covering.

Face Shields adding benefit JAMA article

Information and updates related to COVID–19 can be found on the Center for Disease Control’s website (CDC) (

Also local information can be found at the County website

Health Department Coronavirus Line 410-313-6284

American Diabetes Association

Endocrine Society


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We are happy to announce that we are seeing some patients again in our office. We know that there are a lot of patients who need care and have waited for the option of coming into the office. We also recognize that many patients will be concerned about coming to a medical office due to fear of infection. Our goal is to do everything possible to keep you safe. We have made many changes to our office procedures to help make it a safe environment.

When you enter the office you will get your temperature checked as you enter and be asked a series of questions. This is a necessary screening to ensure no sick patients enter our office.  The waiting room will look different and seating will be socially distanced. You will be required to wear a mask and may not bring visitors with you unless you are someone that requires assistance. To comply with the low numbers of people in the office at a given time, we will continue to use virtual care for some patient visits. Please call our office to make appointments.

Continue to take the social distancing recommendations seriously. Please wear your masks, avoid touching your face and wash your hands regularly.Thank you for being patient as we navigate through the constant changes during these challenging times. Any patient who has symptoms of an active respiratory infection, flu like symptoms or has had close exposure to an individual diagnosed with COVID-19, must reschedule their appointment. Anyone with signs of an active respiratory infection who does come to the office will be rescheduled.